The Rise of Girl Beefs on Social Media

by zaharatalshami

One of my Closest Friends on My Facebook is a Youtuber. There is a Particular Female that likes to copy what she does. Seriously I have No understanding why Arab Females try to compete with the other?.  Back in my day , there was not any competition whatsoever except for if the Girl ended up marrying our latest crush. Be your authentic self no one will like you if u try to be someone else. I used to try and wanna be like other girls hoping that someone will be impressed with me. Now that I’m in my 30’s I could care less what people are thinking of me. Posting pictures of yourselves without Hijab is not acceptable either and other Inappropriate filters on things like Instagram. My suggestion to young females is go to school and get an education and mature yourselves before u ruin your reputation.  Like I’ve posted before , we all didn’t have cell phones until we all turned 18 and we were responsible about it. Teach your girls how to be individuals and love themselves for who they are no Boy or anything would do that. And the # 1 is Allah he’s the best relationship to have and the one that will never break your heart & be your best friend forever so turn to him. I wish females weren’t so jealous of each other , tearing each other down and gossiping or backbiting. Anyways , that’s my story for now  Bye!