My Thoughts on The Bachelor Interview with Andi Dorfman (And why I feel for her)

by zaharatalshami

Tonight on ABC they aired a special The Bachelor interviewing the latest Bachelor Chris Soules , but I am not gonna talk about him . The last Bachelorette Andi Dorfman , was engaged to Josh Murray . Everyone was set  on them lasting for a long time as with Bachelor history , only few made the cut. I thought she was kind of bossy and domineering , but when I watched this interview , I had a heart for her. I know exactly how it feels to have your heart broken and totally crush by the person u love and ultimatley doesn’t want u back. She’s not a failure and things happen for a reason. I think that My Opinion of Josh has swayed a little bit. I think he only wanted fame and not Love. I hope that her heart begins to heal so she can move on with her life. I hope she finds someone who unconditionally loves her and sacrifices for her and most of all is COMMITTED. Guys , if you’re not committed to a Girl than tell her and she’ll leave.  Anyways , I wished the Bachelor series would end and pick people whom are not on the show and whom are serious about finding the Love of their life. That’s a wrap for my reality show round up.