a Brief Summary of Arab American & Muslim Culture

The Rise of Girl Beefs on Social Media

One of my Closest Friends on My Facebook is a Youtuber. There is a Particular Female that likes to copy what she does. Seriously I have No understanding why Arab Females try to compete with the other?.  Back in my day , there was not any competition whatsoever except for if the Girl ended up marrying our latest crush. Be your authentic self no one will like you if u try to be someone else. I used to try and wanna be like other girls hoping that someone will be impressed with me. Now that I’m in my 30’s I could care less what people are thinking of me. Posting pictures of yourselves without Hijab is not acceptable either and other Inappropriate filters on things like Instagram. My suggestion to young females is go to school and get an education and mature yourselves before u ruin your reputation.  Like I’ve posted before , we all didn’t have cell phones until we all turned 18 and we were responsible about it. Teach your girls how to be individuals and love themselves for who they are no Boy or anything would do that. And the # 1 is Allah he’s the best relationship to have and the one that will never break your heart & be your best friend forever so turn to him. I wish females weren’t so jealous of each other , tearing each other down and gossiping or backbiting. Anyways , that’s my story for now  Bye!

Never mess with an Arab… EVER

It was 1989 , the year our Palestinian neighbors moved across the street from us.  A Young Couple and two mixed couples with 4 little girls ranging from 5-8 years old. I can still remember comments being made everytime we would try to fall asleep ” Count sheep that’s what we did” they would say. At one point we tried to fall asleep so that we can spend the night at one of the houses. Like I posted before Christmas came around and there was a sigh of ” Should we tell the Girls or Not”?. There’s also many jokes being made , but when u make a Arab mad oh boy it’s either shoes or endless lectures being told about how they went all the way Home from school walking. Dealing with Children is bad enough. Now we’re all grown and 3 of  the 7 of us whom are Adults are still Single and we never hear the end of why can’t we find an 3arees ( Groom). We just finished our 1st Wedding of the Year , it was quite fun but as per usual Arabs are never on time or Organized in anyway they just go with the flow. Spring Semester starts Tuesday so I’ll be stuck on that. If u ask an Arab for a Missari ( Money)  they say In Sha Allah ( Godwilling) for the synonym word for NO.  Then there are Picnics who’s gonna do the Meshwee ( Bar B Que) during the summer time. Too Many things at once. Just don’t talk about Celebrities or Politics that’ll get u in unless ur into Football. Until next time Peace!

2015 is almost here and still self focused

It’s been quite a year for me and it was pretty decent Alhamdulilah for the most part. I finally encouraged myself to go back to college after 13 years of not doing so. I was really scared and didn’t know what the challenges were ahead I’m not really very academic is most areas like Science or Math , but at least I took Arabic class and managed to do very well. It was also a time for me to focused on my self , it had been at least 8 years since I got my 1st REAL Heartbreak . It took me a very long time to realize that whatever I was feeling at the time was just normal and a learning lesson & now they’re embarking a new chapter in their life Marriage. It might be silly , but it’s something I learned from 2 of my Favorite classy Celebs Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman about when a relationship kinda has its end and the reality of moving on . I now have the full closure that I really needed and I am happy for everyone and wish them the very best. I am just gonna focus on School and getting myself together Allah knows best when my time will come & even if not , InshAllah in Jannah ( Paradise) . I know u were looking for something fun on this post , but this is what all Humans go through especially Females. We’re all not perfect and we sin differently plus whenever u wanna preach about something to someone u should always go to another room to discuss them privately and not in public to humiliate people. We all have different timelines and paths to grieve and to heal. I’ve witness a lot of good things as well  . InshAllah hopefully your 2015 is off to a beautiful start. Oh best Part Syria got their 1st Arab Idol Hazim Sharif and Wael Kfoury wasn’t that bad of a judge and his Album is amazing!. Until Next time Bye!

Christmas… and yeah I know we don’t Celebrate it Etc…..

It’s that time of year again when Christians in the Western World would celebrate the Holiday of Christmas. We used to Celebrate it when I was little and it stopped around the age of 7 or 9 I cannot remember when. My Mother and her Family are American and while my late Grandfather was a Christian , he really didn’t like the way Christmas was celebrated. It was just a cultural thing we did  and didn’t think it was that Religious. Until 1989, My Sister and 2 other Half Arab Girls were sitting in the living room with the Family (  The other Family was Palestinian from The West Bank) and the older men thought that it was time to face the heartbreaking truth that Christmas was definitely Haram and that we had 3 other Holidays to Celebrate. Oh we cried and cried didn’t understand why. Jesus ( AS) is a Prophet of God and gave miracles he even talked as a child. Maryam was his mother whom wasn’t married was given that miracle. It had been hard to watch my Cousins celebrate their Holiday for many years , but now that I’m an Adult it’s ok now. It’s just saddens me that other Muslims have to judge other Muslims for being apart of a Multi-Cultural/ Multi-Faith Family it’s not really an easy thing to do. Now having a Teenage Brother whom has to hear his Friends get presents kinda makes me feel bad , but I know that he’s smart enough to understand. As for all these postings, I’m sorry if I come across as Harsh or Mean , but don’t u think that u should start with yourself before judging others?. I embrace all Prophets and respect other Religions . I choose to be open-minded not because My Religion says so , but it’s because its my choice. May all my Readers have a safe and happy holiday season.

What not to talk about in an Interracial/Interreligious Relatiopnships

As many of you know , I am mixed with Arab Libyan and American of German and Irish backgrounds. When Arab Men decide to Marry someone from ‘ The People of the Book’ or ‘ Ahl Al Kitab’ it gets really complicated. so I came up with of list of things not to talk about when you’re in that situation especially for children. And as of lately, alot of young American males some of them are attracted to Arab Muslim females that sometimes they don’t even understand that they shouldn’t even persue any further with them whatsoever. I know this topic of relationships comes up on my blog , but a few things need to be addressed so people can be aware of such things.

  1. Religion  : This topic can be a bit touchy since one person might  be  so strong in their faith that it might just cause arguments. Especially since if u are planning to have Kids the Man is the head of the house therefore, the Kids will be raised according to his faith
  2. Dating : I know it’s hard especially raising Muslim children that it’s hard to understand that your children are not allowed to be dating.  There are rules that Allah  has set forth even tho sometimes when they do date , it’ll haunt them later bringing about major consequences. And Guys , if u are Interested in a Girl , you shouldn’t be even talking to her in the 1st place if u wanna be Friends inside of class it’s fine it’s according to Family & if you’re trying to convert to Islam to just wanna be with her , then your intentions are no good . I seen alot of Guys leaving the Religion after being married u have been warned.
  3. Politics : Too complicated especially the Israeli- Palestinian conflict is very touchy especially if u find out that someone u really like is a Zionist.

Culture: I know growing up in an Arab American background , it can be tricky to know that anytime u go into a Masjid or event that sometimes you’re not even welcomed. Sticking to ur own culture I believe can sometimes strain your openmindedness , but u should explore different people of different ethnicities. As Arabs , we stick to our Comfort Zones. It’s 2014 , it’s a different era lets break out of our shell.

And lastly , hope u enjoyed reading this . It happens when u have late night thoughts till next time bye!

1st Fall Semester of College & Why I cannot hang out with Single Women like myself

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my blog. I’ve been so busy with College as of lately & Finals are this week , thank goodness I only have two. College for me has been pretty good I took Arabic and UCV ( Freshman Seminar) Classes to see if I wanted to pursue it any further. I loved my Arabic class and learned so much about the Fus7a ( Modern Standard Arabic) dialect & want to learn so much more. As for a Major , I decided I didn’t want to obtain a Degree since there wasn’t a Arabic Major , but  a Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies Minor. As for my social life inside and outside of class, since I’ve been out of school for so long I wasn’t the only Arab person in college which was really nice. We have a lot of students from the Khaleej ( Gulf) areas and I didn’t get to meet anymore people from other Arab Countries. I also joined the Arabic Club at school as well. The only problem now that I’m facing is hanging out with Single college muslim girls. It seems like sometimes all they wanna do is hang out with guys or talk about them and about getting married. As many of you know , I am older than some of my Friends . I’ve been at that stage where they are right now & it’s a lesson learned. I hope that they realized just as I did , that they don’t need a Man to complete them or anything just focus on school , have fun and live ur life and InshAllah if someone comes along for them great , if not there are other things besides marriage not everyone is guaranteed to have a successful relationship. Heck , I have friends whom are currently divorced with children. I’ve decided that it’s ok to hang out with Single Girls for a little bit , but my Heart is with my closest married friends and their kids. Their Children give me a kid fix and make me thankful that God has written for my life the way it is right now. Sometimes I get sad and heartbroken , but then I move on and do other things. Hopefully I’ll write more in winter break. Have a Great Week off This December 🙂

Where are Muslim Females Self Respect???

Just the other day , I saw a Video on Youtube where a bunch of Muslim Girls were rushing to see some Males on Youtube. I mean it’s nice that you admire their work & all , but where’s your Haya ( Modesty)?. I know I shouldn’t even talk since I do not wear the Hijab or anything , but I know that I have more self respect to act like that infront of a Boy. Muslim girls are supposed to be shy. Interpretation could get easily confused & not all people are created equally , but I suggest people should tell the Girl what she’s doing wrong Privately & not Publicly shaming her. I know how hard it is to be a Muslim girl in the West when u see that people whom don’t share the same lifestyle as you interacting with the Opposite Gender. Allah made it Haram for a reason & I for one don’t condone it , but it’s happening. The only person u should be fawning over is Allah (SWT) I know how hard it is sometimes when your Best Friend or Sister gets Engaged before u & u feel like u have to rush into finding someone. If Allah believes that your Nasayib will come he will send u when the time is right In Sha Allah, just focus on your Relationship with him & focus on bigger and better things as well. If for some reason your Nasayib doesn’t come in this life , than maybe it’s for the best and Allah is saving u from something that could terribly wouldn’t be for your own good. Allah Knows Best and trust him on that I totally understand how hard life can be , but you have to accept his Final Decree. That is why I am going back to School to Focus on my Successful Career & if In Sha Allah the love of my life comes around sometime soon than great! if not, Allah Ghalib at least I’ll have a career to focus on while I am still alive on this Earth. Just a Friendly Reminder to all my ladies I didn’t wanna get too much into it. Salam

A Very Somber Eid Indeed.

It was a Monday , the Start of Eid Al Fitr & 2 Weeks since Gaza has been bombed by the IDF. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Somber Eid I can only remember feeling helpless & sorry for countless of my Friends in Khan Younis and Gaza whom have lost their Families. Some escaped & came to the States , Others have been stuck at home or dead. I know , how can I be so badly affected when I am not a Gazaweeya or a Palestinian?. As many people know , I grew up in the Midwestern state of Ohio which approximately has 3,000 Palestinian Americans. They were close Family/Friends because my Libyan Father had no Family here & we all became each others support weather it was during the Revolution or the Intifada. I distinctly remember one of my Palestinian Aunties who helped my Parents raise me teaching me what being Humble really meant and how it feels to go without nothing. I was diagnosed with a Mild Form of Cerebral Palsy & while My Mother Worked for awhile , they and My Father helped me to become more Independent and Smart than I should’ve been. I wanted to tell this Personal story because people get a View of Palestinians as ” Dirty” and some do have a Rough life , but this was all due to the Zionist Regime from taking their Homes and kicking them out. I was raised around very educated people who wanted to see me successful & respected that it would take 13 years for me to start thinking about going back to College. , But they also taught me the value of My Religion and what was wrong & what was right. There were happy Moments like taking us to picnics during the summer or a trip to the now defunct Dearborn Arab International Festival because I suggested it since our community was too small to have one. Eid’s were a VERY happy one for me as a kid growing up since I was the Eldest Girl in the Community . I was always Interested in International Studies as a Kid & also had excellent grades in that Subject as well as English. I also was one of the kids in the Mixed Arab Families who spoke Arabic more Fluently. Even tho I don’t support Hamas at all, what you’re hearing and seeing are false lies from the Zionist Regime. They want to ‘ Divide & Rule” all the Arab Countries especially when they invaded Lebanon. I know you were expecting a more positive post , but with all that’s gone on between Gaza & Benghazi , times are very hard in the Arab Community worldwide & not just within the Western Countries alone. If anyone makes a comment on Israel’s right to defend itself I’ll have to delete you from my followers list. This blog is made to be aware of the lives of the People in the Middle East/North African Region Aka The Greater Middle East Aka The Arab World. Please keep everyone in your Prayers esp Syria & Iraq. Prayers and Love to everyone worldwide Peace!

Gaza is Tearing Us Down

It’s been a few days since the IDF lifted the siege on Gaza. I’ve been so Hurt and the damage it’s caused alot of Palestinians . I am sorry if You’re looking for some Sympathy for Israel or should I say the Zionist Movement. What the media tries to tell u is far different from what it is. Palestinians have NO ARMY & NO WEAPONS so they cannot defend themselves. What happened to the Jews in 1943 is No Exception it is bad , but the Zionist regime keep bringing up the past for people to gain sympathy. Not just Palestinians get Arrested , Tortured or Killed  also the Israeli’s whom are FOR PEACE get the same exact treatment. This is Apartheid so they can Ethnically Cleanse the Palestinians for more LAND GRAB. They want the whole region for themselves. In No way I am Anti Semitic , but a 100% Anti Zionist & Pro Palestinian for the rest of my life. I’ve had many people try to get me to the other side because My Mother is American & My Father is an Arab , but not a Palestinian. The atrocities that the IDF or the GOVT of Israel is Immeasurable. Lets start with Invading Lebanon twice  & Bombing the with White Powder Bomb in 2006 when My Adopted Lebanese Grandmother was visiting her Mother and Other relatives & had to seek Route to Jordan. What about Sabra and Shatila? Ariel Sharon was apart of that Murder which also drew a Wedge between Palestinian and Lebanese People.  Not everyone knows that in 2011 , Ghadaffi hired Zionist Mercenaries and Hit Men to Kill a Bunch of Libyans. These Palestinians are Human just as much as anyone else. They had Children , Families , Jobs and Lives. I’m sorry u were expecting a Supportive Post , but I am compelled to tell u the TRUTH by My Own will. It’s up to u to Decide who deserves Support. If u think that the Evil IDF should Defend themselves then you decide to side with the Oppressors. On another note , They decided to do this during our Holiest Month of the Year Ramadan. If u are NOT Interested in what I have to Post since It’ll mostly be for Palestine , I suggest u unfollow. I believe Peace should be achieve by Non Violence & Coexsistance which I believe will Never happen in our lifetime. They don’t want PEACE

Ramadan Edition: My Breakup/Separation from Facebook

As Most of u all know, it’s Ramadan and we have about 28 days left. I had make a BOLD & Mature decision to Breakup with my Facebook account. It wasn’t making me very happy with People posting and bragging about Pictures of their Kids or their New Relationship Status. I really hope the creators of Facebook are REALLY Happy that Relationships/Friendships are being Broken because of this Social Network. Most of the People esp in The Muslim/Arab Communities aren’t mindful of what they post Especially with People like me whom are having a Heart time finding a Halal Soulmate or some Friends whom are having alot of Trouble Conceiving . I know it’s not any of their fault or bad intentions , but that’s how it goes. And to all u Haram Police’s out there I know that Allah (SWT) is the best of all planners and I’ve come to accept that whole heartedly. Anyways , trying to clear my mind this year In Sha Allah hopefully it’ll help me find peace for 28 Days 🙂  Ramadan Mubarak have a Great one! 🙂