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Omar Dean is the next voice

 Lebanese Western artist Omar Dean doing his absolute best of his version of John Legends ‘ All Of Me’ on The Voice Arabia on MBC. Please vote for him he’s talented.

Things that Us Single Muslim Girls Struggle with and are Annoyed by

It seems to me that whenever some of us whom have been single for a VERY long time go to social events with our Married friends , it seems like they don’t understand our struggle at all. Here are somethings we’re sick of hearing esp advising.

1. ” Naseeb happens when you at least expect it”

We know that already , cut the crap we know Allah writes down whom we should be with whenever the times right and it’s still hard

2. ” What’s wrong with you?, Maybe you should attract a guy more by changing your wardrobe”

That’s really not gonna cut it , if a guy happens to like us for us , great

3. “Maybe you should learn how to cook more”

Who cares maybe I’ll find a guy who likes to eat sandwhiches sometimes

4. ” You’re not professional enough”

5. ” Your type is kind of unrealistic” 

I know I am picky , but that’s how I roll I have certain qualities that I find that is gonna make me wanna be with this person u probably weren’t realistic with your chices.

6. ” Find someone a little older maybe it’ll increase your chances”

It doesn’t matter age or maturity , if they ain’t ready , they ain’t ready

7. Last but not least ” You’re Too Nice”

What do u want me to be a stuck up person?

These things that my Friends and I run into is sometimes very sad. We’re all spiritual and patient when it comes to Allah (SWT) perfect timing . My Problem is my Type tends to find Girls already to be Engaged/Married to , Too Young or Not really ready to settle down. I may not have that type of faith anymore , but what I do know is that I am human who wants to be loved and cared for all the right reasons. If it’s not to be in this life , Inshallah in Jannah ya Rab!

2015 is almost here and still self focused

It’s been quite a year for me and it was pretty decent Alhamdulilah for the most part. I finally encouraged myself to go back to college after 13 years of not doing so. I was really scared and didn’t know what the challenges were ahead I’m not really very academic is most areas like Science or Math , but at least I took Arabic class and managed to do very well. It was also a time for me to focused on my self , it had been at least 8 years since I got my 1st REAL Heartbreak . It took me a very long time to realize that whatever I was feeling at the time was just normal and a learning lesson & now they’re embarking a new chapter in their life Marriage. It might be silly , but it’s something I learned from 2 of my Favorite classy Celebs Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman about when a relationship kinda has its end and the reality of moving on . I now have the full closure that I really needed and I am happy for everyone and wish them the very best. I am just gonna focus on School and getting myself together Allah knows best when my time will come & even if not , InshAllah in Jannah ( Paradise) . I know u were looking for something fun on this post , but this is what all Humans go through especially Females. We’re all not perfect and we sin differently plus whenever u wanna preach about something to someone u should always go to another room to discuss them privately and not in public to humiliate people. We all have different timelines and paths to grieve and to heal. I’ve witness a lot of good things as well  . InshAllah hopefully your 2015 is off to a beautiful start. Oh best Part Syria got their 1st Arab Idol Hazim Sharif and Wael Kfoury wasn’t that bad of a judge and his Album is amazing!. Until Next time Bye!

Christmas… and yeah I know we don’t Celebrate it Etc…..

It’s that time of year again when Christians in the Western World would celebrate the Holiday of Christmas. We used to Celebrate it when I was little and it stopped around the age of 7 or 9 I cannot remember when. My Mother and her Family are American and while my late Grandfather was a Christian , he really didn’t like the way Christmas was celebrated. It was just a cultural thing we did  and didn’t think it was that Religious. Until 1989, My Sister and 2 other Half Arab Girls were sitting in the living room with the Family (  The other Family was Palestinian from The West Bank) and the older men thought that it was time to face the heartbreaking truth that Christmas was definitely Haram and that we had 3 other Holidays to Celebrate. Oh we cried and cried didn’t understand why. Jesus ( AS) is a Prophet of God and gave miracles he even talked as a child. Maryam was his mother whom wasn’t married was given that miracle. It had been hard to watch my Cousins celebrate their Holiday for many years , but now that I’m an Adult it’s ok now. It’s just saddens me that other Muslims have to judge other Muslims for being apart of a Multi-Cultural/ Multi-Faith Family it’s not really an easy thing to do. Now having a Teenage Brother whom has to hear his Friends get presents kinda makes me feel bad , but I know that he’s smart enough to understand. As for all these postings, I’m sorry if I come across as Harsh or Mean , but don’t u think that u should start with yourself before judging others?. I embrace all Prophets and respect other Religions . I choose to be open-minded not because My Religion says so , but it’s because its my choice. May all my Readers have a safe and happy holiday season.

What not to talk about in an Interracial/Interreligious Relatiopnships

As many of you know , I am mixed with Arab Libyan and American of German and Irish backgrounds. When Arab Men decide to Marry someone from ‘ The People of the Book’ or ‘ Ahl Al Kitab’ it gets really complicated. so I came up with of list of things not to talk about when you’re in that situation especially for children. And as of lately, alot of young American males some of them are attracted to Arab Muslim females that sometimes they don’t even understand that they shouldn’t even persue any further with them whatsoever. I know this topic of relationships comes up on my blog , but a few things need to be addressed so people can be aware of such things.

  1. Religion  : This topic can be a bit touchy since one person might  be  so strong in their faith that it might just cause arguments. Especially since if u are planning to have Kids the Man is the head of the house therefore, the Kids will be raised according to his faith
  2. Dating : I know it’s hard especially raising Muslim children that it’s hard to understand that your children are not allowed to be dating.  There are rules that Allah  has set forth even tho sometimes when they do date , it’ll haunt them later bringing about major consequences. And Guys , if u are Interested in a Girl , you shouldn’t be even talking to her in the 1st place if u wanna be Friends inside of class it’s fine it’s according to Family & if you’re trying to convert to Islam to just wanna be with her , then your intentions are no good . I seen alot of Guys leaving the Religion after being married u have been warned.
  3. Politics : Too complicated especially the Israeli- Palestinian conflict is very touchy especially if u find out that someone u really like is a Zionist.

Culture: I know growing up in an Arab American background , it can be tricky to know that anytime u go into a Masjid or event that sometimes you’re not even welcomed. Sticking to ur own culture I believe can sometimes strain your openmindedness , but u should explore different people of different ethnicities. As Arabs , we stick to our Comfort Zones. It’s 2014 , it’s a different era lets break out of our shell.

And lastly , hope u enjoyed reading this . It happens when u have late night thoughts till next time bye!

Ramadan Edition: My Breakup/Separation from Facebook

As Most of u all know, it’s Ramadan and we have about 28 days left. I had make a BOLD & Mature decision to Breakup with my Facebook account. It wasn’t making me very happy with People posting and bragging about Pictures of their Kids or their New Relationship Status. I really hope the creators of Facebook are REALLY Happy that Relationships/Friendships are being Broken because of this Social Network. Most of the People esp in The Muslim/Arab Communities aren’t mindful of what they post Especially with People like me whom are having a Heart time finding a Halal Soulmate or some Friends whom are having alot of Trouble Conceiving . I know it’s not any of their fault or bad intentions , but that’s how it goes. And to all u Haram Police’s out there I know that Allah (SWT) is the best of all planners and I’ve come to accept that whole heartedly. Anyways , trying to clear my mind this year In Sha Allah hopefully it’ll help me find peace for 28 Days 🙂  Ramadan Mubarak have a Great one! 🙂

New Apps You should use.

Now we all have Smart Phones nowadays & u cannot stop looking for the newest apps out there. Here’s some that’ll get u going.

Noon APP: It’s by the Company Yamli , u type Arabic without having an Arabic Computer. I text Family & Friends in Jordan, Libya and Palestine it’s a life savor and some lyrics on my Status messages/Tweets

Keefik App: a App that lets u learn the Lebanese Dialect

Islamic Finder or Athan Apps as well

Arabic Artist Ringtones I Downloaded some esp Melhim Zain

There’s also Listen Arabic , I Heart Radio , Ya Hala Voice and True Radio for all things Arabic Music. The only Artist on Pandora is Amr Diab. Otherwise , that’s the latest on the world of Technology. Until next post Bye!

Arab Central’s Annual Arab Festival Cancelled again this year!

If anyone like me was gonna plan a trip to Dearborn , Michigan this Summer I’d rather u save ur Money. The American Arab Chamber of Commerce Today announced it’s 2nd Cancellation of the Dearborn Arab International Festival. Due to Poor Planning , Lawsuits Filed against them and & Extreme Islamophobes. I know it’s none of my Concern hince since I am over these Borders , but I feel bad for the Kids who look forward to every June when they get out of School for some fun. I understand their reasoning behind it , but at the same time they let the aggressors win.  I also feel bad for the stores that are near the Festival whom have loads of Customers coming in from out of town. The only bad thing is the environment where some hijabis are showing their true colors in Public. I understand for American Arab’s decision , but at this time I cannot support a just organization that lets other people down & that is life. I also Feel sorry for haters who wanna ruin a Good time for a Cultural Festival it’s not an Islamic Festival. Rest in Peace Dearborn Arab International Festival it was a memory well lasted. Of Course , I’ll be back to Visit Inshallah with ISNA coming up & shopping other than that, Support is going down. Thanks for Reading bye!

Muslims being ‘ Happy’ is the new Haram Police Ticket

A few days ago , there was a Video posted by British Muslims dancing to the tune of ‘ Happy’ By Pharell Williams . It caused a HUGE Controversy. I know that indeed Music is HARAAM ( Impermissable) , but I will tell u that I LOVED the Video it made me happy to see other Muslims Happy. Its great that you all wanna advise and save the Muslim Ummah , but to be fair , just because Muslims have the same Religion , it doesn’t mean that everyone is gonna follow the same lifestyle or path. Ok , some of us do Watch TV & Listen to Music , but u know what ? at the end of the day , Allah is gonna Judge us weather we go to Jannah ( Paradise) or Jahannam (Hell) I would suggest People to politely Mind Their Own Business and focus on what they’re doing. I am a Spiritual Muslim , but it doesn’t mean I am Perfect. If u were Excited about my Posts being ” Sheikah” I am sorry to disappoint you all. If you have any other expectations or digressions , please do yourselves a favor and Unfollow me. My Posts are about Cultural , Ethnic & Relatable to people whom are Not Arab or Muslim. Anyways , this is all I am gonna write for now . Those of u who are still Interested leave ur Suggestions on the next topic in the comment section below. Bye for now 🙂

Miseducation of a Cultural Etiquette

This is one of those Posts that I thought about doing Over & Over , but this needs to be addressed so that People whom Come Across Muslim or Arab Muslims don’t feel Offended or Hurt somethings are just not appropriate. Here are some Lists of things esp for the Ladies in General.


  1. Always when u are at a All Women’s Party , always ask Permission to take Pictures some People don’t want their Face showing around especially if they’re Wearing The Hijab.
  2. When Talking to a Religious Person , try to find a Light Hearted Common ground so it doesn’t get controversial. Most don’t listen to Music or Watch TV or Movies . Some do , some don’t it just depends on their Lifestyle.
  3. When Talking to a Single Girl ( This happens to me alot) don’t suggest what she should do , try to Understand why it’s not Permitted to Date don’t Hate on her , but Don’t bring her down we all know Relationships are Complicated esp if she’s still Young she just wants someone to listen to her.
  4. Speaking of that , This also goes for the Muslim Women, Advise her but privately don’t make her feel bad for the choices she’s made Allah will deal with it.
  5. For the Guys , Sports are a great Communicator talk about that instead of Girls or Heavy Religious/ Political Topics and Clean Jokes are always accessible.
  6. NEVER EVER Spill Family Secrets to anyone , I don’t care how concerned u are for the Person it’s not a Good Image to Portray to People. What is Said in The House , Stays in the House. They’re blowing off steam , it could get u Into big TROUBLE if u do that Trust will be severed.
  7. Don’t Bring Alcohol to a Muslim Party EVER.
  8. There’s a Difference Between Cultural or Religious Parties. Like for Example , if a Wedding is Mixed u should dress modestly.
  9. If they get u to Dance , try u never know what could happen
  10. Always Greet with a Smile 🙂 but if u are a Woman don’t shake hands with a Male u can wave or put a Hand over ur Heart with Respect

And that is all People , My list for some Etiquettes. If u have any questions let me know til Next Time