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Things that Us Single Muslim Girls Struggle with and are Annoyed by

It seems to me that whenever some of us whom have been single for a VERY long time go to social events with our Married friends , it seems like they don’t understand our struggle at all. Here are somethings we’re sick of hearing esp advising.

1. ” Naseeb happens when you at least expect it”

We know that already , cut the crap we know Allah writes down whom we should be with whenever the times right and it’s still hard

2. ” What’s wrong with you?, Maybe you should attract a guy more by changing your wardrobe”

That’s really not gonna cut it , if a guy happens to like us for us , great

3. “Maybe you should learn how to cook more”

Who cares maybe I’ll find a guy who likes to eat sandwhiches sometimes

4. ” You’re not professional enough”

5. ” Your type is kind of unrealistic” 

I know I am picky , but that’s how I roll I have certain qualities that I find that is gonna make me wanna be with this person u probably weren’t realistic with your chices.

6. ” Find someone a little older maybe it’ll increase your chances”

It doesn’t matter age or maturity , if they ain’t ready , they ain’t ready

7. Last but not least ” You’re Too Nice”

What do u want me to be a stuck up person?

These things that my Friends and I run into is sometimes very sad. We’re all spiritual and patient when it comes to Allah (SWT) perfect timing . My Problem is my Type tends to find Girls already to be Engaged/Married to , Too Young or Not really ready to settle down. I may not have that type of faith anymore , but what I do know is that I am human who wants to be loved and cared for all the right reasons. If it’s not to be in this life , Inshallah in Jannah ya Rab!

It’s Best to Stay Single Wallah Trust me :)

Valentines Day is coming up and alot of Girls on My Facebook Feed or in Groups are complaining about being Single. Like I’ve told u before in Islam , There’s NO Dating it’s completely Haraam ( Forbidden) it’s either your Married or Single there’s No In between. So if u think I am being Harsh or that I HATE Men it’s about realistically why Being Single is Better and ETC.. 

1.  You can eat a Whole Sandwich by yourself and u don’t have to Bother Yourself with Cooking a Fancy Meal like Mjaddara or Mbkbaka

2. Men get more emotional especially if the Guy u are Engaged/Married to. If u are Marrying a Guy from Overseas they get really mad if ur not Calling them all the time  which they don’t understand that we have Busy lives.

3. You can do your own thing and not have any Permission from anyone 

4. Strengthen Your Relationship with Allah (SWT) and Mature a little bit  you should Love Yourself before u can Love Anyone else.

5.Here Is a little bit of a Recommendation ,Talk to People that are Married or Have Been Divorced or Widowed . Marriage is not all it’s Cracked up to be , It’s hard and it Takes Commitment so think before u make any decisions and also to be realistic in ur Choices if it ends up being Naseeb InshAllah Khair.  

That’s all for me Right now til next time Salam 🙂