Orlando Tragedy & the Elephant in the room the G word

by zaharatalshami

On June 12, 2016 a lonely yet , frustrated young Afghan-American Male by the name of Omar Mateen shot 49 attendees at Pulse Nightclub which is a club exclusively for LGTBQ people. After all the info came out about his background, there were a lot of Islamophobia and hate. Then , a subject within the Muslim community came to the surface. As you know , Muslims who uphold their values tend to not talk about taboo subjects such as Sexuality and Gender. 

It’s still hitting the hearts of so many Families that have lost loved ones. As of recently , a few aquaintances of mine from the Community came out . 1st of all , I had already knew about certain individuals who had already identified as Queer. One being an Ex Best Friend of mine . It was so hard to break off that friendship . It’s not like I didn’t care , it was because my moral compass was telling me it was wrong. 

We all know that one of the signs of The Day Of Judgment is when the same gender get together. Religion says that it’s wrong , but on the other hand it says it’s ok and not just act on it.

There were times in my life as a Muslim Woman , where I questioned my own Sexuality. It was in 8th Grade when Ellen Degeneres came out on Time Magazine. It hurt alot that females in my class were making fun of me because I couldn’t date a guy.

I can tell you that 16 years later I began to grow with my identity and yes , I am straight still and I am attracted to Men it just has to be Halal.

While at the same time , I understand the heartbreaking notion of Muslim   Parents whom have Children who have come out of the closet and their dreams of one day their Children getting Married and having Kids have been dashed and also to come to terms with telling their Families back in the Balad ( Homeland) while also recieving backlash and sometimes losing those Relatives.

Here are my Final thoughts , Muslims are not Terrorists .  Most of The highest population of Muslims is in the Asian country of Indonesia. Arabs make 18% of the population. We all don’t want to hurt you and if you listen to people like Donald Trump and the Media then you’ve probably made up your own conclusion about it from the Media .

To the Parents of the Communities,

I know with this political climate , these times are certainly hard for us all. Just remember that Allah has a plan for everyone including your precious Children.

It’s ok to grieve for awhile whether it’s for the Tragedy  or for your personal struggle with your Children . Life itself isn’t easy at all. I hope that Allah (SWT) makes this test easier for many of us.