Are we not even Human? the Attacks in 24hours

by zaharatalshami

What happened in Paris , France was really sad and horrific . My heart goes out to the families and loved ones whom are still reeling in from this tragedy. , But there’s one thing I’d like to point out, why all of the sudden do people care if something is going on in the West when Beirut and Baghdad were both being bombed?. I am sick and tired of trying to apologize or condemn these attacks that ISIS whom I DONT consider them apart of our Muslim community at all.  43 People in Beirut died in the south district  where the majority of the neighborhood is of the Shiite Sect. At least 2 people from the Dearborn , Michigan area were among the victims killed. In Baghdad , scores of people were killed while attending a funeral. Who’s to say that one group of lives matter than the other’s? I may sympathize with Lebanon and Iraq because I grew up around Refugees from those two countries and not conic dentally they were of both Muslim sects. I have a heart for all humanity including my Origin country of Libya and my Nurture Country of Palestine. I feel like the Ummah has definitely feel apart whether we kill Non Muslims or Each Other. That’s all I have to say about this sad situations I guess people don’t have an ounce of humanity anymore. May God be with us all.